Hotel Alpenhof – Saltaus – Gerda

“I needed a quick resolution of a color scheme where the existing furnishing and equipment was taken into account. Your work was convincing and well-thought-out and delivered fast and punctual. My plus was that I saved a lot of time for shopping and I discovered new suppliers. Thanks to the new colors and your advice, the old rooms look like new now.“

Hotel Villnerhof – Vill/Neumarkt – Burgi

“I needed to redo the rooms on the ground floor of our hotel to make them more appealing. Karin worked professionally and was yet open to my needs. She further has dealt with the suppliers and solicited quotations from tradesmen, but we took decisions together. In this way, we’ve managed to solve all operational as well as design problems in an easy way, I’m very happy with the result.”

Hotel Grissianerhof – Grissian – Nadja

“The aim was to reshape a suite, the breakfast area and the reception. We wanted to create something new without necessarily replacing our entire furniture. The main advantage of working with Karin is the advice, the counseling and her ideas – from concept to execution.”

Restaurant Pfeffermühle Eppan – Klaus & Anna

“The goal was to give the dining room a new touch and that was an absolute success. The new color concept rendered the restaurant much more attractive and comfortable. The benefit was the WOW-effect, that was simply great. Karin works very professional but also considered. She identifies the essential things and makes a directed effort to maximize the result while minimizing the investment. In the future I will continue to build on her. Thank you.”