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A room can be monotonous or vibrant. It can feel cold or bubble over with energy. It may be a hotchpotch of objects or can form a harmonious whole. One can feel uncomfortable in it or feel welcomed and invited to reside there.

We will help you to make the most of your spaces, so that you feel more comfortable within them. We advise you regarding room layout, color design, furniture selection and decoration. Depending on your needs, we take over site management, solicitation, supplier selection and purchasing of all interior elements.

In the photo gallery you will get an insight into our projects.

Yours faithfully, Karin Dalceggio

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Our Service

Interior design creates in existing objects a harmonious new ambiance by means of a new conceptual design and provides new objects with a personal touch.
With the purposeful use of colors, fabrics, furniture and decorations, we are aim at creating bespoke environments that are tailored to your personality.

Karin Dalceggio - decoration

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Your Advantages

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